Our Services

Auditing and Accountancy
As qualified Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors dealing with the harsh realities of the new millennium, it is natural that our expertise and experience lies in the preparation of management and statutory accounts for all types of businesses; and these accounts are used by our clients in management, by their bankers, by the Inland Revenue and by a host of other parties who come into business contact.

Our involvement may begin at varying stages, depending on the capabilities of our clients' own in-house accounting staff. We may begin our work by preparing accounts from your own records, it may be that you will supply us with ready prepared trial balance; or it may be that you will provide us with ready-made drafts to which we need add only the final and professional touches. It may be that our clients' records are maintained either manually or mechanically or on a computer. Whatever the source, and whatever the state, a solution can be achieved.

In addition to all of the supporting accounting functions, we do, of course, deal with the statutory audit requirements by maintaining your Company registers; the registered office, if required; the company statutory annual returns, etc.; be it at the year-end, or periodically. Where required, we are also able to examine and improve the internal audit procedures of a business in order to provide internal controls within the system.
In short auditing & accounting is our business !

Taxation Advice and Self Assessment
Nathan & Co. maintains a specialised outsourced taxation department, which deals with the complete range of tax legislation and all of the related problems.

This department deals with the preparation and submission of clients' self assessment tax returns, and advices the clients generally on personal tax and related financial matters. We can also provide regular updates of current legislation, which may affect your particular personal situation.
Bring your problems to us and we'll provide the best and superior solutions!

Financial, Computer and Management Consultancy
In these days it is imperative that you ask for and receive sound advice on the numerous methods of borrowing and repaying money, on the proper management of funds, and on all other related commercial problems.

There is an ever increasing demand for production of budgets, cash flow forecasts, business plans, and management reports, and we can help by complementing your own accounting team; or by acting in place of the financial director that your business needs, but cannot yet afford.

Please also remember that we have our own outsourced computer department, which is at your disposal, and we are pleased to guide our clients through the maze of computer hardware and software on the ever changing market.

Acquisitions, Business Start-ups, Mergers and Growth Problems
Clients require concise and meaningful reporting and definitive recommendations when considering acquisitions and mergers. We can fulfil these requirements for a particular need.

We have experienced staff who carry out in-depth investigations on your behalf on the financial viability of proposals put to you, should you want to buy another business; and we can also recommend various methods of financing as Independent Financial Advisors (IFA).

Liquidations and Receiverships
Our help and expert advice is available, not only when clients are trading successfully, but also when problems occur.

Whilst we are prevented by the rules of our Professional Body from acting in this capacity of our own clients, we can nevertheless advise and guide our clients through the decision-making process, and we will recommend the appropriate course of action.